Godfried Toussaint writes this neat paper on transcribing and generating African music rhythms via Euclidean geometry. Euclidean geometry is taking a set of simple, known elements and producing new elements from these. Applied to music he devises algorithms to generate permutated rhythms.

I like

Euclid was a great Greek Mathematician from Alexandria.

Godfried Toussaint:
School of Computer Science, McGill University Montreal, ´ Quebec, ´ Canada


Practical effects

sound-revival_670James Boock

‘The objects use the analogue means of materials and mechanical movements to manipulate sound.
 Four objects create the effects of Tremolo, Reverb, Delay and Mouth Modulation.
Sound Revival aims to create a greater understanding of how sound effects are generated and gives visual identity to something unseen as a result of digital technology. Objectifying these effects brings intrigue back into the DJ performance and brings listeners and performer together.’

Overlocking Loops


Saxony Wheel

Wellington moving image artist Erica Sklenars and musician Dan Beban were surprised to discover that they were each, independently, using saxony wheels as a basis for moving-image and musical devices respectively (originaly these wheels were designed to spin thread into yarn). Inspired by this link they formed ‘Sign Of The Hag’ and began performing live moving image and sound looping together.