Les Tambours de Feu (The Drums of Fire) are a group who fuse percussion, costume and pyrotechnics into a street performance. Creating a sense of ritual with an emphasis on the visible physicality of the performance. The effect, on the audience, is hypnotic, and uniting.

The group is a part of a Basque street-performance group called Deabrubeltzak


Filter Face

o2o2 Is a kiwi company designing air-filtering masks for intensified urban environments where air quality is toxic to humans.

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Witches & Wizards

Laetitia Sonami “Ladys glove”

These are gesture and touch sensitive wearable hand controls. The results of a gesture’s sound output are mutable so the relationships are often challenging to apprehend. With the hand becoming the instrument, rather than manipulating one through touch, they reveal quite minimal sensorimotor information. This gives a perplexing but also intriguing, ephemeral quality to the gesture and sound relationship, and reminds me of a wizard/witch casting spells.

atau tanaka
Atau Tanaka

Cyber Mann

Steve Mann is an inventor of wearable computing who has been wearing his own camera-glasses / Eye-tap system throughout his daily life since the 1980s.

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Mann is currently working with augmented reality systems such as ‘Cygraphy’ for drawing with light.

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Mann coined the term ‘sousveillance’ to denote a personal wearable recording system that empowers and protects the wearer, a term devised to contrast the term surveillance: ‘sur’ meaning ‘over’ in French, while sous translates as ‘under’.