Swing Rhythm




Graham Dunning creates sounds and rhythms by cutting up vinyl records, and having them trigger a variety of sources. Including; masking records so only discrete sections are played and looped (sampling), triggering synths via audio trigger (sequencing), and triggering mechanical percussive instruments (automated instrumentation). It’s essentially a rotating disc approach to tangible sequencing.

The assemblages seem to refer to Nam June Paik’s Random Access (Schallplatten-schaschlik), 1963/1979, which also featured moveable pick-up arms and vertical stacking of layers.


Calculating Infinity

Wanda Gillespie - Higher Consciousness Integrating Calculator (with Sheoak)

Wanda Gillespie – Higher Consciousness Integrating Calculator (with Sheoak)

I’ve been struggling to conceive of tangible ways to divide up loops. I have been vexed by the notion that sudden leaps across time do not seem relatable to our lived experience of the world. Although we have become accustomed to the once-jarring results of moving-image edits, what sort of tangible tool might we be able to relate with such non-linear editing processes? It must of course be responsive as a performance tool as well, so scissors and sticky-tape are out! Today I realised it is essentially slicing and re-ordering units of time. Then I realised we do at least have a way of conceptualising that – mathematics. The problem is this is still an abstract concept. I began asking myself what ways we interact with mathematics tangibly, and began considering the past, since the earliest technologies are often more tangible. Then, before I even realised what I was searching for, an image came up of this work by my friend and artist Wanda Gillespie. Duh! The ABBAcus!

Scratch that


Jeremy Bell has created a tape-scratching device called the ScrubBoard. A tape loop with a tape head-scrubber that you can manipulate with your hands, resulting in a sound akin to scratching a record. There’s other great features. There’s a foot controller to play, stop and reverse playback of the loop. There’s a ‘rocker’ to cut/fade and mix to the tapes other channels. There’s also a record head to do live looping and scratching!

Nice work Jeremy!