Les Tambours de Feu (The Drums of Fire) are a group who fuse percussion, costume and pyrotechnics into a street performance. Creating a sense of ritual with an emphasis on the visible physicality of the performance. The effect, on the audience, is hypnotic, and uniting.

The group is a part of a Basque street-performance group called Deabrubeltzak


“This is my voice on Teee Veeee”

The Collidoscope is a prototype for a granular synthesizer/sampler. It features a large display of recorded samples, and interactive controls that show which part of the recorded sample is being played back.

The controls are closely aligned visually so as to be quite clear.


Can’t see the seams

Mécaniques Discursives
An installation by Fred Penelle (printmaker) and Yannick Jacquet (media artist)

“The narrative is deconstructed like a thousand-storied film script. Every effort is made to lead astray, to turn around, to forge ahead. Time is shredded, decomposed, lost and yet everything references it.
Mécaniques Discursives is like a parenthesis between two epochs: Gutenberg’s and Big Data’s. By contrasting the oldest form of image reproduction (woodcutting) with the most recent digital technologies, the installation straddles centuries”