“This is my voice on Teee Veeee”

The Collidoscope is a prototype for a granular synthesizer/sampler. It features a large display of recorded samples, and interactive controls that show which part of the recorded sample is being played back.

The controls are closely aligned visually so as to be quite clear.



Scratch that


Jeremy Bell has created a tape-scratching device called the ScrubBoard. A tape loop with a tape head-scrubber that you can manipulate with your hands, resulting in a sound akin to scratching a record. There’s other great features. There’s a foot controller to play, stop and reverse playback of the loop. There’s a ‘rocker’ to cut/fade and mix to the tapes other channels. There’s also a record head to do live looping and scratching!

Nice work Jeremy!



Jerry Hunt used wands. Physical implements which gave illustration to the ephemeral nature of his gesture control system.

He also utilised tablets which were devised by 16th Century mathematician and occult philosopher John Dee.

“It’s fascinating to watch somebody go like this (wave arm) and hear a sound connected with it for a minute or two, but then it becomes compositionally appalling after a while. It’s like watching etch-a-sketch, you know, it’s wonderful for a few minutes and then it limits itself.” Jerry Hunt (http://www.jerryhunt.org/mw_39.htm – originally appeared in Music Works #39)

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