Les Tambours de Feu (The Drums of Fire) are a group who fuse percussion, costume and pyrotechnics into a street performance. Creating a sense of ritual with an emphasis on the visible physicality of the performance. The effect, on the audience, is hypnotic, and uniting.

The group is a part of a Basque street-performance group called Deabrubeltzak



Woob has released a zoetrope picture disc for his track Tokyo Run, which accompanies a film by the same name.

Do you like the look of your own voice?

Zach Lieberman uses Open Frameworks to produce an augmented reality app that lets you sample audio, while generating a 3D visualisation of the sound in AR – in real-time. You can also scan your phone over the waveform to play it back. Just watch the video! Amazing.

Scratch that


Jeremy Bell has created a tape-scratching device called the ScrubBoard. A tape loop with a tape head-scrubber that you can manipulate with your hands, resulting in a sound akin to scratching a record. There’s other great features. There’s a foot controller to play, stop and reverse playback of the loop. There’s a ‘rocker’ to cut/fade and mix to the tapes other channels. There’s also a record head to do live looping and scratching!

Nice work Jeremy!